Did you know...

A Canadian study that was published last fall found that 1/3 of the herbal supplements tested did not contain ANY of the main herbal ingredients listed on the label!

What are clinical-grade supplements?  

Right now the supplement is like the Wild West! Pretty much anyone can create a supplement and begin selling it to the public with little regulations.  That is why I'm offering access to my own E-apothecary that only carries high-quality products that undergo rigorous testing from both internal and external sources.

What questions should you ask before purchasing a supplement?

  • What part of the plant has been used (if it is a herb?), whole plant, leaf, root,...

  • Is it organic?

  • Was is sustainably harvested?

  • Where was the product made?

  • Is it standardized?

  • Is the company reputable?

The supplement industry has little regulations which is very alarming considering how many people use them on a daily basis.  As a naturopathic doctor, I always ask my patients what supplements they are currently taking and the brand.  I only trust supplement companies that allow their products to be tested by outside agencies and have trusted suppliers for their ingredients.