How do you use nutrition in your practice?

Nutrition is a fundamental part of health and healing!  I will ask every patient to describe in-detail their current diet & lifestyle habits in order to get the whole picture of their current health needs.  I will also offer customized dietary recommendations and a support coach (optional) to help with the integration.

What types of nutritional treatments do you use?

·       Food & Diet

·       Customized recommendations to optimize health

·       Elimination diets to find food sensitivities

·       Specialized diets for specific health conditions from multiple sclerosis to seizures

·       Medical monitoring during juice fasts

·       Lab Testing I will use most tests from Genova Diagnostic Laboratory Testing

·       Food allergy

·       Digestive function

·       Intestinal permeability

·       Bacterial overgrowth

·       Organic acid 

·       Celiac

·       …and many more based on the patient’s symptoms