Dr. Michele Burklund, an American physician, has earned her Medical Degree from the prestigious Bastyr University, (Seattle, Washington) the World's leading Medical School that integrates cutting edge science with natural health. Dr. Burklund is a licensed primary care doctor focused on naturopathic medicine in the state of California.

Dr. Burklund understands what it's like to be on both sides of medicine. She fell into the position as primary caretaker for her father, diagnosed with stage-four brain cancer, when she was just 20 years old.  After receiving that devastating news, Dr. Burklund buried herself in books, studied clinical trials, attended conferences around the U.S, and met with many doctors, healers, nutritionists, and herbalists to learn what could benefit her father.  Sixteen years after his diagnosis, her father is still alive today despite the prognosis and tragic statistics.  Dr. Burklund attributes much of her father's success to the healing power of nature that was able to support his body through many different treatments and clinical trials.  She strongly feels that there are so many untapped treatments and modalities that can truly help patients and has dedicated much of her practice (and research) to helping them.  She understands the importance of feeling listened to and she doesn't believe everyone is a statistic. This deep emotional experience is how she found her "calling" to become a doctor...

She then spent the next fourteen years in university studying her passion. Dr. Burklund has worked with the best physicians in her pursuit to acquire knowledge in neurology, medical detoxication, endocrinology, and functional medicine.  She believes that there are many ways to practice the art of medicine and has traveled the globe to learn from the "bush" doctors, Mayan shamans, healers from the Himalayas, and herbalists in Europe. 

Fusing modern science with ancient wisdom; she focuses on a complete holistic approach by integrating current science-based research, nutritional biochemistry, state-of-the art testing, and pharmacognosy along with allopathic treatments based on individual needs.  

Dr. Burklund is also a contributor to several National Health Magazines in the United States and is regularly featured as a leading authority in integrative medicine on radio, TV, and other media outlets.

Dr. Burklund is currently not taking any new patients at this time.